Crossview Plantation: Where life slows down and blessings bloom.

This is a place where the simple pleasures of drinking tea in a shady swing, taking a quiet stroll around the lake, and admiring your very own large plot of earth help calm the soul and reflect on many blessings. Offering classic southern architecture, with a modern farmhouse feel, Crossview Plantation is a place where you can escape the hectic and chaotic feel of the city and unwind with your loved ones. The homes here are upscale, high-class, and elegant, without being pretentious or arrogant. The community at Crossview Plantation is welcoming, warm, and full of southern hospitality, making this a wonderful and friendly place to live for everyone from families and young professionals to retirees. Let our team find you the perfect home in Crossview Plantation, where you can truly embrace the south with an elegant and modern twist.

  • Deep South Custom Homes is one of the select builders in this new development
  • Crossview Plantation has a saying “Where life slows down and blessings bloom”
  • New homes are from 350K
  • 1.5 to 3 acre lots
  • 2,200 square foot minimum
  • In the Northwest Rankin School District
  • East of the “hustle and bustle” of the city

“Where the simple pleasures of drinking tea in a shady swing, taking a quiet stroll around the lake, and admiring your very own large plot of earth help calm the soul and reflect on many blessings.”

More info on Crossview Plantation:

The landscape of the Crossview Plantation development is mostly open grassland, accented with oak and pecan hardwoods. Developer and builder Brian Burkley of Deep South Custom Homes believes this concept is much-needed in the area because of the many requests for residential housing on larger acreage lots.

Brian says, “Nine out of ten people I meet with in the Brandon and Flowood area are looking for larger lots at a reasonable price point, and the plus for buyers on this site is that soil conditions couldn’t be better for building. In addition, the location and proximity to area churches, schools, the Ross Barnett Reservoir, and the Dogwood and Flowood areas make it a major attraction to home buyers in this market.”

The first phase of development features 27 lots platted from 1.5 to 3 acre sectioned lots. Brian said, “Overall, we are very excited to see the growth and expansion of Rankin County with this residential development. Our community continues to welcome newcomers and families looking for great schools and jobs, so we feel this is a perfect addition to the Brandon and Flowood area.”

The development features four exclusive builders and will include a first and second phase, as well as a third phase with larger acreage lots. At this time, the first phase is approaching 50% completion and the construction of more home sites in underway. Natalie Burkley of Deep South says, “We anticipate the development to take on a very Southern, but modern farmhouse approach. Custom, livable space with casual elegance is what we see most families desiring today, and we hope that Crossview Plantation will give them that special place to wind down and enjoy making memories at home.”

Please do not hesitate to contact our team at Christy Coleman Real Estate at your earliest convenience if you have any questions we can answer or comments or concerns we can address. We look forward to speaking with you and helping you find your dream home at Crossview Plantation.



Square Footage



Lot SIze


2 109 Crossview Pl-SOLD 2495 4/3 400sf Unfinished 2.3 $424,000.00
4 121 Crossview Pl-SOLD 2670 4/3 610sf Unfinished 2.3 $464,00.00
5 127 Crossview Pl-SOLD 3404 5/4.5 567sf Finished 2.2 $550,000.00
22 126 Crossview Pl-SOLD 2717 4/3 425sf Unfinished 1.6 $449,000.00
19 144 Crossview Pl-SOLD 2560 4/3 with office No Bonus 1.7 $429,000.00
7 2500  Custom Built 2.0 TBD
24 114 Crossview Pl-SOLD 2403 3/2.5 with Office No Bonus 1.6 $410,00.00
25 110 Crossview Pl 3327 4/3.5 with Office 900 up 1.5 $559,000
1 Could be your Dream Home 2.5 TBD
3 Could be your Dream Home 2.2 TBD
20 St. Jude Home Given Away!! 1.7 SOLD
26 106 Crossview –SOLD 2500 1.5 Custom